One such church is Iglesias Bautista La Luz Divina, Divine Light Baptist Church. The pastor there is Pastor Desiderio Lozano. We have worked with him for over 20 years. As their church grew, they faced a real space problem. The church, which had been built by several American teams, was landlocked, and there was no room for expansion. Their only option was to go “up”. This presented a second problem in that the existing foundation was insufficient to support a second floor. This became a pet project of two churches from the States, the Well Church in Brighton, Michigan, and First Evangelical Presbyterian Church of Anna, Illinois. They first provided funds so the existing roof could be removed and footings and columns built to support the addition. They then financed the construction of the new cement ceiling that would become the floor of the second story. At that point, the two churches sent work teams to build the walls, bathrooms and kitchen facilities. With the completion of the major construction, the Well moved on to take on the same type of project at another church, discussed below. The Anna church has remained working there, making upgrades and providing maintenance. There will always be much to do there…. painting, electrical wiring, plumbing updates, not to mention ministering to the people of the church and Colonia.

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