Ministry Needs

Like all missionary organizations, the needs are many.

One…… please come back!!!!

First, and again, our biggest need is for American mission teams to return. Ever since drug cartels began fighting for power several years ago, fear has gripped the American church. In one year, our summer attendance dropped from 650 to 40 people. Needless to say, this affected not only the work being done at the Mexican churches, but financial stability for us, as the fees paid by the teams carried us over financially when the camp was empty. Please, check the actual facts concerning danger to Americans in Reynosa, and you will find that it is a safe place to come and serve. Although there are serious problems in some areas, Reynosa (and certainly our camp) is not one of them. We would be happy to put you in contact with leaders from about six churches who were there this summer and had absolutely no problem.


2014 Rise in Participation

Two…… help us financially.

The above problem has put a financial burden on the ministry. Many people not only stopped coming, but they stopped donating as well. We sometimes feel that the Americans have “written off” Mexico altogether. We are currently running $200 per month short on our personal support and $600 for general operations. We do have a reserve, but, it won’t last forever.


Shortage in General Operations

Three….. the camp needs a new vehicle!

Hugo and Sylvia are using a 12 year old pickup with over 240,000 miles on it for taking food and supplies to the camp. Plus, it is a larger V-8 that was donated a long time ago and gets really poor gas mileage. We would love the donation of a smaller, extended cab pickup, mini van or small SUV. Many times a person can donate a vehicle and deduct more from their taxes that they could sell it for. If you, or someone you know had such a vehicle, please contact us and we’ll let you know the procedure for donating it.

Miles on Current Vehicle

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