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Vamonos Community Ministries is heavily involved in building up the churches of Reynosa. The first program that was started was our “Feed My Sheep” program. Under this program, churches and individuals send monthly donations to purchase food and supplies. With this money, we feed breakfast to children in 3 colonias before they go off to school each day.  For some of these children this is the only meal they will receive that day. Each year, we have the individual churches pick up more of the financial responsibilities for the feeding. By this, the church learns that it is their responsibility to care for the people, and Vamonos money is freed up to begin programs in other areas.

Feed My Sheep PDF Document Here

Pastoral seminars are another way we have made the camp available to the Mexican church. We are open to pastors and associations of all denominations and have hosted many groups over the last couple of years. It’s a great place for them to get away from the constraints and responsibilities of the colonias to get together to share and pray with fellow ministers. Here are some pictures of a few of these conferences.

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