So, you are thinking of coming on a short term mission trip to Camp Piedra Angular? (In English that means Cornerstone) Here is some information that will be helpful for you in making your future trip decisions.

Main Dormitories

We currently have 2 air-conditioned dorms housing 20 people each. They are divided into 2 rooms of 10 beds each. Each side has it’s own private bathroom with 2 showers, 2 sinks and 2 toilets. This makes it possible to put men on one side, and ladies on the other. You should keep these numbers in mind when you decide how many males and females are coming. You will need to provide 1 adult to every 5 teens or children of the same sex.

Smaller Dorm

There is also a smaller dormitory which can house 14 people. It is divided into two sleeping areas and has 3 separate bathrooms. Additionally, there are 4 “motel-style” rooms which each sleep 6 people in 3 bunk beds. Each room has its own bathroom. Please contact us by phone for more details in using these rooms.

Dining Room

We have a large, air-conditioned dining room that can be used as a general meeting room for your group.

The Church at Vamonos Community Ministry


La Capilla, “The Chapel”, is the first building you see when entering the property. Offering seating for 120, it is a special place where mission teams and Mexican church groups go to spend time in worship, prayer, praise and hearing from God’s Word.

All the water on camp is purified and safe for drinking. This includes tap water, sinks and showers, so you will not need to bring in water. We have installed “American style” septic systems, meaning you may flush toilet paper down the commode.

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